Transform Your Daily Routine With Amba Heated Towel Racks

Enjoy a spa-like experience after every shower with heated towel racks from Amba! Say “goodbye” to damp towels and “hello” to a whole new level of luxury with Amba heated towel racks.

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Wrap yourself in the ultimate comfort and enjoy a dry, fluffy towel whenever you need one with a heated towel rack from Amba.

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Heated Towel Racks Are Perfect For:


Mud Rooms

Laundry Rooms

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What Our Customers Think

Love warm towels!

“Warm towels when you get out of the shower and dries towels in between. Exactly what I wanted!”

- T.M.

Hotter and more stylish than any celebrity

“It’s beautiful, it’s simple to use, and it’s kept our towels fresher because they’re drying so quickly. Honestly, this was the best investment in our home that we’ve made.”

- Amazon Customer

Best towel warmer in the market!

“Great product! Amba makes an awesome towel warmer. I could never live without this!”

- Amazon Customer

No more damp and sour towels!

“Love a towel warmer and our new home was without one. It’s great that our towels are dry within a couple of hours and don’t smell putrid!”

- Amazon Customer

Your Bathroom Without A Heated Towel Rack Is...

Damp and musty

Littered with unhygenic towels

Chaotic and unorganized

Your Bathroom With A Heated Towel Rack Is...

Spacious and serene

Clean and relaxing

Luxurious and welcoming

Once a prominent feature in high-end hotels and European homes, heated towel racks are becoming a luxurious staple no matter where you live.

Imagine stepping out of the shower or bath to wrap yourself in a soft towel with a touch of warmth. Cold, musty towels are a thing of the past! Drying your towels with a heated towel rack can speed up the drying process, ensuring that your towel is perfectly dry by the next time you use it.

Invest in your daily comfort and transform your bathroom into a personal haven with an Amba heated towel rack!

Whether plugged into an outlet, hardwired, or powered by hot water, your heated towel rack circulates heat throughout its horizontal bars, distributing it equally across its surface area. So when you lay a towel over the bars, the heat will spread, acclerating the drying process and keeping your towels fresh longer.

Each Amba heated towel rack model will list an estimated timeframe for how long it will take to heat up – and because they use very little energy, it’s often recommended to keep them turned on so that you can always get the benefits of a dry, fresh-smelling towel whenever you need one!

Heated towel racks spend less energy than you’d think! Running your heated towel rack takes about the same amount of energy as it takes to power a light bulb – so installing one won’t make your electric bill skyrocket!

And if you’re looking to save big on energy and water costs, keep your heated towel rack running – you’ll cut back on the amount of laundry you need to do by keeping your towels fresh and dry. Amba products are designed, tested, and certified to be on 24/7, eliminating heating time and ensuring your towels are always at the perfect temperature.

You can also get a timer installed to make it easier to enjoy your heated towel rack when you want to!

The Amba Difference

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Amba Was One of the First Companies to Introduce Heated Towel Racks Into American Markets.

Since 2012, they’ve been innovating in the space, offering unique products with a variety of options on each model. Invest in your daily comfort and transform your bathroom into your personal haven with an Amba heated towel rack!
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