Heated Towel Rack Installation Options

Adding a little luxury to your home can be easy when you install a heated towel rack.

Why You Should Install a Heated Towel Rack in Your Home

Heated towel racks are a staple in European homes and luxury hotels. They are quickly becoming more popular in homes around the world as an affordable and convenient means of drying towels and other items.


Once popular only among the wealthy, heated towel racks have caught the attention of travelers and other individuals seeking more from life. Heated towel racks provide an element of luxury by drying towels, delicates, and more. There is nothing quite like the pleasant experience of stepping out of a shower and wrapping yourself in a towel you know is as dry and fresh-feeling as it can be.


With a little extra warmth, heated towel racks can provide the right amount of comfort after a shower or bath. Limiting dampness and eliminating musty odors makes life a little more pleasant, and those who install a heated towel rack often realize how much they’ve been missing.


Heated towel racks can ensure your towels stay dry and fresh, reducing the risk of mold growth and keeping your towels more sanitary.


Using your heated towel rack can help limit the amount of laundry you need to do, saving you time, money, water, energy, and even detergent. Most heated towel racks require very little energy to operate, often less than what a lightbulb requires, and keeping your towel rack on more often than not can help you save even more energy.

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Where to Install Your Heated Towel Rack

Depending on what you want out of your heated towel rack, you may choose different rooms and locations to install one.


The most common placement for a heated towel rack is in the bathroom. By design, heated towel racks can help dry your towels faster, so placing one in your bathroom makes a lot of sense. If you’re looking for a luxurious experience after your shower, getting a heated towel rack for your bathroom is a great choice.


Installing a heated towel rack in your mudroom is another popular choice. With a heated rack in a mudroom, you can easily dry off more than just towels. Drying equipment and winter apparel with a heated towel rack can keep your home clean and ensure you have dry gear ready for the next time you head outside.

Pool House

Heated towel racks can be a beneficial addition to your pool house. Most heated towel racks perform best indoors, so make sure your rack will be protected from the elements if you go this route.


While a less conventional application, installing a heated towel rack in your kitchen can make chores more bearable. Few things are more frustrating than trying to dry dishes with damp rags or wipe down counters with musty towels, and a heated towel rack in your kitchen can help you avoid these situations.

What You Can Dry With Your Heated
Towel Rack Once Installed

Once a heated towel rack is installed, you can benefit from its primary function by applying it in different ways. The potential for luxury and comfort with a heated towel rack is only limited by your imagination.

Dry Bath Towels

The main function of a heated towel rack is to try bath towels, so this application is the most common. After a pleasant shower, you can enjoy a dry, fresh towel with a little added warmth to provide a truly luxurious experience. You can also use your heated towel rack to dry:

  • Washcloths
  • Hand towels
  • Bathroom mats

Dry Dish Cloths

In the kitchen, a heated towel rack can ensure your dish cloths and dish towels are dry when you need them. This application can keep your dish cloths sanitary and fresh, saving you distress and also preventing you from needing to spend more time and money on frequent laundering.

Dry Swimsuits

Swimsuits can retain a lot of water, so tumble-drying or air-drying them after washing and using them can be a pain. Lay your swimsuits and beach towels over a heated towel rack to get them out of the way and encourage thorough drying so that they are ready to use again when you need them.

Dry Sports Equipment

For those who enjoy winter activities or sports like water polo, drying off equipment can reduce laundry loads, freshen uniforms, and get equipment ready for use faster than letting it air-dry. You can use a heated towel rack to dry things like:

  • Sports towels
  • Swim caps and trunks
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Jackets
  • Hats

Dry Athletic Apparel

After a light or moderate workout, you may not want to waste time, water, and energy washing your workout gear. Drying your athletic apparel with a heated towel rack can keep your clothes fresher and cleaner without needing to do a load of laundry. If you worked out in the rain or snow, you can use your heated towel rack to accelerate the drying process, allowing you to use the same gear again sooner than if you laundered it or let it air-dry.

Installing a Wall-Mounted Heated Towel Rack

Wall-mounted heated towel racks are popular space-saving options, especially for spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, and tiny homes. When looking to install a wall-mounted heated towel rack, you should be sure to consider:

  • The room you will put your rack in
  • The space you have available
  • The dimensions of the rack
  • The location of outlets or electrical junctions, depending on model

How to Install a Freestanding Heated Towel Rack

Freestanding heated towel racks are easy to install because they require virtually no additional hardware beyond what is needed to assemble the rack. If you want to be able to move your heated towel rack to different rooms or to different residences if you are renting an apartment, a freestanding model may be ideal.

Key considerations for putting a freestanding heated towel rack in your home include:

  • What room the rack will go in
  • Available floor space
  • Towel rack dimensions
  • Position of electrical outlets

Installing a Hydronic Heated Towel Rack

The power source and heating method of your heated towel rack will influence how you install it. Hydronic towel racks are popular choices for individuals who are already remodeling their homes, as hot-water plumbing systems are more likely to be exposed during a remodel.

For hydronic heated towel racks, you will need to follow these steps to ensure proper installation.

Contact a Plumber

To prevent any damage to your home, consulting a plumber will be critical for installing a hydronic heated towel rack. Their tools and expertise will help you properly install your towel rack so you can benefit from it without any issues.

Locate the Radiator Supply and Return Lines

Before installing your heated towel rack, it is essential to locate the radiator supply and return lines, as a hydronic rack will need to be connected to these. A plumber may need to relocate the hot water supply lines to reach your heated towel rack. This process often involves cutting through the floor or wall for optimal acces

Mount or Place Your Towel Rack

Once you have access to the essential pipes, you can hang or place your heated towel rack where you want it. Nearly all hydronic heated towel racks are wall-mounted. You can use the included hardware including toggle bolts and set screws to securely put the rack on the desired wall.

Connect the Pipes

Copper piping will be used to connect the heated towel rack to the necessary hot water lines. It is important to test the system after connection and installation to ensure there are no leaks. Additionally, you will need to make sure the water temperature is hot enough to warm the towel rack but not hot enough to cause skin burns.

Hardwired Heated Towel Rack Installation

A hardwired heated towel rack offers a sleek, visually-appealing look with no exposed wires. To install a hardwired towel rack, follow these steps.

Consult an Electrician

As with a hydronic heated towel rack, it is important to consult with a professional to prevent unnecessary damages and ensure your towel rack can perform optimally upon installation. An electrician can help you locate the most convenient and appropriate placement for your heated towel rack, as well.

Find an Electrical Junction

To install a hardwired heated towel rack, it is essential to locate an electrical junction where the rack can be connected. Because most heated towel racks are designed to be kept on at all times, a dedicated circuit is ideal for installation. If there is not an electrical junction box in the area you want to place your towel rack, your electrician may need to install a new one.

Connect the Wiring

Once you have a dedicated junction box in place, it is a relatively simple task to connect your heated towel rack. A professional electrician will have no trouble connecting your towel rack to your power supply.

Mount Your Towel Rack

The positioning of your heated towel rack will be relatively limited at this point, but if you take time to measure beforehand, this should not be an issue. Simply hang your hardwired heated towel rack on the wall using included hardware, and you will be able to use it.

After connecting the wiring and hanging your towel rack, you will need to cover up any areas of wall that had to be removed to ensure safety.

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