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Deciding on a heated towel rack can be a challenge because many of the options available have unique advantages and disadvantages.

Depending on where you want to install a heated towel rack and how you want to use it, you may find that some brands and models are better suited for your needs.

Considerations for Choosing a Heated Towel Rack

When in the market for a heated towel rack, you will want to consider multiple factors to determine which options are best for you. In many cases, you will find that several options are suitable for your needs, so your final choice will depend on personal preferences. Here are some of the factors you will need to consider when choosing a heated towel rack for your home.


While heated towel racks are no longer exclusively available to wealthy households and luxury hotels, some models can come with a significant price tag. You will need to consider your budget before making a purchase, but it is also important to recognize the value of the choice you make, as cheaper options may not always be ideal.

Available Space

The space you have available to install and use a heated towel rack may also influence your options. The amount of wall and floor space you have available can impact the models you are able to select, so consider the space you have in the room you want to install a towel rack before committing.

Intended Use

Most heated towel racks are designed primarily to dry bath towels, but they can be used in a number of different ways, making them a versatile appliance with numerous applications. You may choose a different model for your master bathroom than you would for a mudroom or kitchen, so considering the way you want to use your heated towel rack will help you make a decision.

Desired Size

Heated towel racks are available in a range of sizes, with compact and extra-large options available. The size of your family, the number of towels or other items you want to dry at a given time, and the space you have available can influence the size of the heated towel rack you purchase.

Towel Rack Style

Function is arguably the most important factor in purchasing a heated towel rack, but manufacturers understand the importance of aesthetics, as well. You can choose from modern styles, traditional styles, and everything in between. Additionally, most models are available in a number of different finishes to help match your decor.

Best Heated Towel Racks for Bathroom Use

By design, heated towel racks are used to dry and add some warmth to your towels before and after use. As such, determining the best heated towel rack for bathroom use can be a challenge.

In general, wall-mounted options, including the curved Radiant model from Amba, offer the efficiency and performance you’ll want without taking up valuable space. These models in particular provide more surface area to apply heat to your towels, facilitating faster drying

A silver curved Radiant heated towel rack on a transparent background.
Radiant Curved
Black and white Amba Heated Towel Racks logo.

Best Heated Towel Rack for Kitchen Use

A heated towel rack in your kitchen can be useful for drying hand towels and dish cloths between uses, promoting comfort and reducing the need for frequent laundering. While you might have more space in your kitchen, compact designs are usually more suitable and efficient.

Compact models with slender bars  are ideal for thinner towels and space-conscious buyers. However, a free-standing model, such as one from the Solo collection from Amba, may be useful for more open kitchens, as well as individuals who want their heated towel racks to serve multiple purposes.

Isolated image of an Amba Solo heated towel rack.
Solo Collection
Black and white Amba Heated Towel Racks logo.

Best Heated Towel Rack for Laundry Rooms

Installing a heated towel rack in your laundry room can be productive for a number of reasons. Whether you have a lot of delicates you need to dry, you want to reduce how much you tumble-dry your clothes, or your dryer doesn’t get your clothing quite as dry and ready as you’d like, a heated towel rack can improve your laundry process.

Multiple heated rails allow you to dry multiple things at once, making it ideal for drying delicates or several pieces of clothing. Wall-mounted Amba can also help you save space while providing extra drying power to your cycle.

A transparent image of a silver straight Jeeves heated towel rack.
Black and white Amba Heated Towel Racks logo.

Best Heated Towel Rack for Tiny Homes

Compact yet efficient heated towel racks are essential for tiny homes where space is a premium. As such, models that promote easy use and feature a swiveling, space-saving function are some of the best options.

In this category, the Radiant Small makes a big difference in a small space. With a built-in on/off switch, no additional hardwiring is required. It comes as a plug-in model with a kit that allows it to be converted to a hardwired application. Comes in a variety of available finishes including polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, matte black, polished gold, and satin brass.

Radiant Small
Black and white Amba Heated Towel Racks logo.

Best Overall Heated Towel Rack

Choosing the top heated towel rack is no easy task. However, when considering factors such as value, performance, function, convenience, and consumer ratings, one of the best heated towel racks on the market would have to be the Amba RWHL-CB Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Rack. The simple style, easy installation, high performance, and energy conservation make this heated towel rack suitable for virtually any room and application.

Transparent image of a wall-mounted, hardwired Amba Radiant heated towel rack in silver.
Five black stars.
RWHL-CB Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Rack
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