Hotel Towel Racks

Heated towel racks became popularized largely due to their presence in international hotels, especially in South Africa and across Europe.

The Use of Heated Towel Racks in Hotels

Heated towel racks are used to dry towels, clean them of dirt and bacteria, and reduce the amount of time they spend being wet or damp. In addition, heated towel racks speed up the drying process after a shower or bath. Heated towel racks are a staple of luxury hotels, and their popularity has spread to include pool houses, yachts, and modern bathrooms.

Why Hotels Should Have Heated Towel Racks in Their Bathrooms

Luxury Treatment

Hotels often provide many amenities to their customers, including heated towel racks. With a heated towel rack in their hotel room, guests can have a more luxurious experience by having fresh, dry towels whenever they need them.

Save Water

If a hotel room has a heated towel rack, guests will be more inclined to dry their towels rather than having them laundered every day during their stay. This practice saves water and detergent, and it also helps hotel guests feel good about their role in limiting unnecessary waste.

Reduce Mold

Leaving wet towels lying on bathroom floors may cause increased growth of mold and bacteria. Heated towel racks speed up this process by allowing water to evaporate more quickly, which reduces the likelihood of mold growth, making these devices beneficial in hotel rooms where wet towels are commonly left on the floor until they are laundered.

Dry Towels and Clothes

Heated towel racks can also be used to dry wet clothes and other items. If guests are caught in the rain, having a heated towel rack in their hotel room can help them feel more comfortable and cared for during their stay.

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