Swivel Heated Towel Racks

Swivel heated towel racks are a great way to keep your towels warm and dry.

They come in a variety of different styles and can be mounted either on the wall or the floor. Some models even have a built-in timer, so you can set it to start heating up your towels automatically before you get out of the shower.

Features of A Swivel Heated Towel Rack

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Swivel Hinges

Heated towel racks designed to swivel feature special hinges that allow each bar to rotate independently from the others. Because swivel heated towel racks are designed for optimal efficiency, they are best used specifically as drying racks.

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Swivel racks are designed for wall-mounting to make the most out of their compact and flexible design.

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Most swivel towel racks are available as plug-in models, making them easy to relocate as needed. Like other heated towel racks, swivel racks are most efficient and effective when left on over time rather than turned on and off as needed.

Benefits Of Using A Heated Swivel Towel Rack

Save Space

Compared to other wall-mounted or free-standing options, the swivel towel rack is often the smallest, most compact model available, making them ideal for homes with limited space. Installing a swivel heated towel rack will likely not have any impact on the space you have available, making it a worthwhile investment even for small bathrooms, mudrooms, or other limited spaces.

Save Money

With a heated towel rack that swivels, you will save money on energy, water, and detergent. Heated towel racks use very little energy to efficiently dry towels, and leaving them on will ensure you make the most efficient use of your energy. Additionally, by using a towel warmer, you can reduce the amount of laundry you need to do, keeping your towels fresh and limiting the water and soap you use regularly.

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