Types of Heated Towel Racks

If you’re interested in adding a heated towel track and want to take the next step, you’ll need to figure out which towel rack is best for your space before you make the purchase.

Different types of heated towel racks have different advantages and disadvantages. The rack you choose will depend on several characteristics such as the size of your space, your electric or plumbing situation, and what you want to use your towel rack for. 

Overview of Your Heated Towel Rack Options

Small icon for wall mounted heated towel racks.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted heated towel racks are exactly how they sound: they’re attached to the wall. If you’re looking for a towel rack that won’t take up valuable floor space, this is a great choice! 

Small icon for standing heated towel racks.

Free Standing

Freestanding heated towel racks are another good option. They don’t need to be mounted on a wall, so installation is easy. You can also move them if need be. 

Small icon for swivel heated towel racks.


If you have a small space like a powder room, mud room, or laundry room, a swivel heated towel rack is a good option. This type of rack also mounts on a wall, but swivels outward when in use. 

Small icon for plug-in heated towel racks.


Electric heated towel racks dry and warm towels using electricity. They’re normally hardwired or plugged into the wall. Most electric towel racks use a timer or on/off switch.

Small icon depicting hydronic heated towel rack hookup.


Unlike electric models, hydronic heated towel racks use hot water to warm the towel rack. 

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