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Amba Products was created in 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia with the goal of making the heated towel rack a staple for every North American bathroom.

In America, heated towel racks were overpriced and hard to come by. They were usually only found in the homes of some of the country’s most affluent. While Europeans, and members of other nations around the world, had been drying and heating their towels on radiators for years, many Americans were unfamiliar with them.

Amba stepped in to change this mentality. Today, they are amongst the first companies in the United States to provide affordable, beautiful heated towel racks constructed of high-quality stainless steel.

Why Choose Amba for Heated Towel Racks?

Customer Service

Amba is well known for their top-notch customer service. You can reach them anytime during office hours and talk with a real person. There are no call centers at Amba, so you can speak with someone who knows their products inside and out.

Energy Conservation

Amba’s heated towel rack collections save energy while ensuring effective heat. Amba heated towel racks use the same amount of energy as a few light bulbs, depending on the unit and its exact position. You can also purchase accessories such as timers and digital heat controllers, which help conserve even more energy.

Affordable Prices

Making heated towel racks affordable to everyone is why Amba was created in the first place. Because of this mentality, they go to great lengths to offer their products at a competitive price point.

Variety of Offerings

Amba is able to create a large number of unique and exclusive products by collaborating with specialized producers. Because of this, business and residential clients now have so many options to choose from, including 150 heated towel rack models from Italy, South Africa, or China.


The heated towel racks at Amba meet the requirements set by the US and Canada’s national safety organizations. When correctly installed, they’re perfectly safe to use. If you want even more peace of mind, you can find a model with additional features like a timer or on/off switch.

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