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While the HeatGene brand sells a variety of plumbing fixtures and bathroom products, they also offer a number of heated towel racks, marketed as towel warmers.

HeatGene Heated Towel Racks

All towel warmer models from HeatGene aim to provide heat to warm towels and bathrobes. This function can be used to dry these items and prevent mold growth, as well as musty smells.

Model Variety

HeatGene offers a range of towel warmers designed to accommodate different towel drying needs. The smallest models come in three- to five-bar options, which are ideal for bathrooms with limited space or small families. HeatGene also offers large models with up to 25 bars to provide more consistent and widespread heat throughout the rack.


Towel warmers from HeatGene are far from the most affordable options on the market. Seven available models range from $300 to $900 dollars, and the smaller, compact models primarily fall within the $200 to $300 range.

If you are looking for an affordable heated towel rack, HeatGene may not be the option of choice. However, most HeatGene heated towel rack reviews tend to agree that the more expensive products are effective and worthwhile, if you are looking to make an investment.

Online Availability

You can purchase a HeatGene towel warmer directly from the manufacturer or from online retailers like WayFair, Walmart, and Amazon for convenient, trusted delivery.

Additional Features

Many of HeatGeneā€™s larger models include advanced technology to improve your experience. These additional features may include:

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