Heated Towel Rack Brands

If you’re here now, chances are you’re interested in a heated towel rack! You’ve heard the many benefits, realized that a towel rack would be a great addition to your home, and are ready to begin the next step: brand research. 

Buying a towel rack isn’t something you want to do lightly. As a smart shopper, you want to look around and check out a few different brands to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. That’s why we’re here to help! 

We created a round up of some of the top heated towel rack brands so you can get an in-depth overview of everything you need to know about the industry leaders.

Black heated towel rack in a small bathroom
A hydronic wall-mounted heated towel rack on a gray wall.
A large Amba Sirio heated towel rack in silver mounted on a wood-paneled bathroom wall.

Which Heated Towel Rack Brand Is Best for Me?

Everyone has unique needs depending on their home, reasons for purchasing a towel rack, and more. Different brands are best suited for different purposes. Some may cater towards hospitality businesses, while others may be better suited for home use. 

Heated Towel Rack Brands

Black and white Amba Heated Towel Racks logo.
Black font Anzzi logo.
Small yellow and black Ancona logo.
Gray and blue font Mr. Steam logo.
Blue and black HeatGene logo.
warmlyyours logo small
Black font Hudson Reed logo.

Factors to Consider When Picking the Right Brand

Selection Available

Some brands offer a much larger selection of types, sizes, and finishes. If you have a very specific color or size you’re looking for, a brand with many different offerings may be the best option. 

Showroom or Online

How exactly you purchase a heated towel rack varies by brand, too. Some brands you can only find in a showroom, while others are available online. If you want to see towel racks before you buy, you may want to visit a showroom. If you care more about convenience, you’ll be able to find something great online! 


Installation is another option to consider. Will your new heated towel rack come with installation, or will you need to take care of it yourself? If it is something you’re responsible for, will you be equipped to handle it, or will you need to hire someone? 

Customer Service

If you have any questions about your heated towel rack or want to learn more about your options before you buy, you’ll want a company with great customer service. 

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