Hudson Reed Towel Warmer Review

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As a leader in the luxury heating space, Hudson Reed has designed a wide selection of towel warmers to satisfy their customers’ needs.

About Hudson Reed

Founded in the United Kingdom over 40 years ago, Hudson Reed has become a leader in luxury heating solutions. Their heated towel racks come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any interior style. With its top-of-the-line technology and unique designs, Hudson Reed’s products are both stylish and energy efficient.

Types of Towel Warmers Available From Hudson Reed

Hudson Reed offers a wide range of heated towel racks, including both wall-mounted and floor-standing models. With plenty of variety to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a heated towel rack that suits your needs from Hudson Reed’s luxury options.

Hydronic Towel Warmers

Hudson Reed’s hydronic towel warmers are designed to provide a comfortable and efficient source of heat in your bathroom. This is achieved by connecting the towel warmer to your existing hot water pipes, which allows them to be quickly heated up with minimal energy consumption.

Electric Towel Racks

Most heated towel racks on the market today are electric models, offering a convenient source of power to dry and warm your towels.


For the simplest installation option, you can select a plug-in heating system for your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen. Simply plug your heated towel warmer into any standard wall outlet for an easy and efficient heating solution.


A hardwired towel warmer is ideal if you’re looking for a more permanent solution. As the name suggests, these models are permanently wired into your home’s electric system and provide a powerful source of heat quickly.

These models also keep any unsightly wires or cords out of eyesight for a sleek appearance wherever they are installed. 

Wall Mounted

If you’re looking to keep your heated towel rack up off the ground, then a wall mounted option might be the right choice for you.

Available in both contemporary and traditional styles, wall mounted models are ideal for small bathrooms with limited floor space as they can easily be installed out of sight and still provide powerful heating capabilities.

Hardwired, wall-mounted towel warmers are among the most popular variety, whether you have limited room or plenty of space, because they provide the perfect compact and effective solution to drying and warming your towels. 

Floor Standing

For a more permanent and powerful heating solution, consider Hudson Reed’s range of floor standing towel warmers.

Perfect for larger bathrooms or rooms with plenty of floor space, these models add a touch of class to your interior décor with a more traditional, somewhat industrial look. 

Top Towel Warmer Features from Hudson Reed

Hudson Reed got its start with luxury radiators, and they have extended that expertise to bring warmth and comfort to your homes with heated towel racks. Customer reviews often highlight the quality, variety, and value of their products.


Hudson Reed provides a selection of heated towel racks with plenty of style to fit any type of interior. From modern and contemporary looks to traditional designs, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs and existing decor.

As a luxury heating brand, Hudson Reed designs and manufactures attractive heating solutions that perform well and add depth to your space at the same time. 


Hudson Reed is an established and renowned brand for heating solutions, and its heated towel racks are no exception. They’re designed and tested with quality in mind.


As a luxury brand, Hudson Reed does not design and manufacture the most affordable heated towel racks, but their reputation in the industry lends itself to verifying the quality of their products and the satisfaction of their customers. Prices range from $250 to $1600 for their heated towel racks.


You can purchase towel warmers directly from Hudson Reed’s website or through partnering retailers.

Customer Service

Hudson Reed is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to its customers. They are available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have about their products, and they offer a full satisfaction guarantee on all of their heated towel racks.

Heated Towel Rack Model Options from Hudson Reed

Heated towel racks from Hudson Reed come in a variety of options suitable for a range of needs, limitations, and aesthetic preferences. Hudson Reed primarily categorizes their towel warmers by model and power source.

Small icon for standing heated towel racks.

Free-standing racks

Small icon for wall mounted heated towel racks.

Wall-mounted racks

Small icon depicting hardwiring for heated towel rack.


Small icon depicting hydronic heated towel rack hookup.


They also offer the following unique categories.

Dual Fuel

Increasing in popularity, dual fuel heated towel racks use central heating and electricity to power the towel warmer and maintain consistent heat.


Traditional models from Hudson Reed invoke a stylish, vintage feel that will appeal to buyers seeking a timeless aesthetic without compromising functionality.


Hudson Reed’s modern heated towel racks draw inspiration from European styles for a sleek, contemporary look. These designs are practically-designed to facilitate optimal performance and suit any room.

Final Review: Hudson Reed Designer Radiators and Towel Warmers

Hudson Reed’s heated towel racks provide a luxurious, stylish, and highly efficient solution for drying towels. With their range of options to suit any style preferences—from modern designs to traditional and contemporary looks—you’ll be sure to find the perfect model to fit your needs.

Quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service are just two reasons why Hudson Reed is a trusted name in the industry when it comes to heating solutions. While their prices are much steeper than other brands in the space, Hudson Reed offers high quality products with high customer satisfaction, making them a worthwhile  investment for those willing to splurge.

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