Luxury Bathroom Accessories for Comfort and Elegance

Give your bathroom an elevated, indulgent feel with high-end accessories and simple upgrades designed for comfort and style.

Bathroom Accessories Worth Your Investment: How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Luxurious

Transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis with the right luxury accessories. Investing in high-quality fixtures and accessories will elevate your space.

Towels and Bath Mats

Indulge in ultra-soft towels and plush bath mats that pamper your skin after bathing. Look for 100% cotton towels with a heavyweight feel. Monogramming adds a customized touch, especially in guest bathrooms!
For bath mats, splurge on memory foam for spa-like comfort underfoot.

Shower Head

Invigorate your shower experience with a high-end shower head. Look for one with adjustable settings from gentle mist to powerful jet stream, depending on your preferences.
Rainfall shower heads, often gigantic in size, mimic standing in summer rain for a truly luxurious experience. Pay attention to the flow rate, as well; you’ll likely want either 1.8 or 2 gallons per minute for sufficient water pressure, but you can go as high as 2.5 GPM.
A luxurious rainfall shower head against a black tile shower.


Make a bold statement with an eye-catching mirror. Opt for beveled edges and an elegant frame or something minimalistic and modern that draws the eye.
Incorporate built-in lighting for optimal visibility while grooming. For a touch of opulence, you could choose a gilded mirror with baroque inspired curves and accents. Your mirror should be functional and well-positioned, but choosing one that matches your style can tie your bathroom aesthetic together.

Heated Towel Rack

Across Europe and in high-end hotels, heated towel racks are the height of luxury. Heated racks dry towels faster while lending a sleek, polished look to your space. Enjoy warm, fluffy towels right when you need it; install your rack near the shower or tub for convenient access.
With energy efficient features, heated racks use minimal electricity while providing maximum comfort.
A heated towel rack in a luxury bathroom.

Additional Tips for Making Your Bathroom Feel Luxurious

You don’t need to do a complete overhaul of your bathroom fixtures to elevate your space. With a few small upgrades, you can make your bathroom feel more relaxing and rejuvenating.

Replace Your Hardware

Swap out hardware like knobs and faucets for more sophisticated styles. Matte black and brushed gold finishes feel refined and contemporary. Make the room cohesive and elevated without much effort!

Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting sets the mood: make it dramatic with a sparkling chandelier over your bathtub or lighted vanity mirrors to illuminate your beauty routine. Set up your lights with dimmers to give yourself options for soft ambiance or a bright, warm glow.

Embellish Your Walls

Dress up bare walls with wallpaper, tile, or artwork for a glamorous look. Keep it classy with motifs inspired by nature or geometric patterns. You can also frame scenic paintings and your favorite inspiring quotes.

Switch Up Your Sink or Tub

Upgrade your sinks and tubs for spa-worthy relaxation. Floating sinks provide a modern, minimalist look, and you can replace a basic tub with a roomy soaking tub or curvaceous clawfoot tub made for lounging.

Add Some Greenery

Add more life to your bathroom with potted plants and flowers. Many ferns and orchids thrive in humid bathroom environments. Choose plants that will suit the natural light your space receives.

Enjoy a Luxurious Bathroom By Installing a Heated Towel Rack

Transform any bathroom into a relaxing oasis with the addition of a heated towel rack. Available in a range of sizes and finishes, heated racks deliver spa-worthy comfort while complementing your decor.
Take your home to the next level of comfort.

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