What’s the Best Towel Bar Height for Your Bathroom?

Installing a new towel rack in your bathroom? The height you choose makes all the difference. 

Mount it too high, and using it can be difficult for shorter members of your household. But mounting it too low causes sore backs from bending.

So what’s the ideal height for your towel bar? That depends on a number of factors, but the height you choose really does matter – and here’s why.

Where to Install Your Towel Rack: Why the Height You Choose Matters

Choosing the right installation height for your heated towel rack or towel bar is about more than just looks. The height you choose can significantly influence day-to-day use in the following ways:


Make sure to hang the rack at a height that allows all members of your household to easily reach towels when needed. Avoid mounting too high, which can turn a simple task like drying your hands into a stretch.


The ideal height for your towel bar is one that maximizes daily convenience. Look for a height that lets you smoothly grab a towel off the rack without excessive effort to make drying off as easy as possible.


Consider safety when determining height, as well. This consideration is especially important when installing a heated towel rack; while most towel racks don’t generate enough heat to cause serious injury, limiting the risk of a burn is always a good idea.

Key Considerations for Choosing How High Off the Ground to Install Your Heated Towel Rack

When deciding how high to mount your heated towel rack, there are several important factors to consider first. Take the time to think through these elements to determine the ideal height for your space and needs.

Minimal Installation Height Requirements

In most cases, there is no minimum height requirement for a towel bar or heated towel rack, but in some states or counties, electrical code could restrict where hardwired appliances can and cannot be installed. If you have a hardwired heated towel rack, you can discuss your installation options with a trusted contractor, who should be able to advise you!

Bathroom Size and Layout

Consider the dimensions and layout of your bathroom. In a smaller space, you may need to install your heated rack higher to avoid interfering with how you move about the room. 

Other Bathroom Fixtures

You’ll also have to account for existing fixtures, including your toilet, sink, tub, or shower, as well as elements like outlets and light switches. Planning around these fixtures will help you make the most of your available space without crowding the room or making anything inaccessible.

Average Household Height

Take into account the heights of those who will use the heated towel rack most. Mount at a height that is accessible for the shortest person to reduce reaching.

Mobility Accommodations

If anyone in your home uses an assistive device or wheelchair, install your towel bars lower for easier access. Additionally, make sure that the height you select will not impede wheelchair users as they move within the bathroom; you don’t want to risk them getting a burn or getting stuck!

Number of Bars / Length

Choosing the height for a towel bar is relatively simple. But depending on how many bars your heated towel rack has or how long it is, you will need to choose a different height.

You should install larger towel racks with multiple bars higher up on your wall – doing so accounts for its additional length and prevents the lower bars from being a burn risk. 

Proximity to Heat Source

Depending on what your heated towel rack uses as a power source, you’ll need to account for access points when choosing where to install it.

A plug-in towel rack, for example, will need to sit near an outlet, and a hardwired or hydronic heated towel rack will need to be hooked up to an interior system, making it important for you to find a suitable location in your bathroom to install it.

Pets and Children

If you have pets or small children at home, mount your heated towel rack out of reach to prevent any risk of injury.

The Best Height for a Bathroom Towel Bar

A 12-bar straight Radiant heated towel rack from Amba

While you may have different preferences, needs, and limitations in your bathroom, most people tend to install towel bars or heated towel racks 42 to 48 inches off the ground.

This height will need to be adjusted if you have a rack with multiple bars, like this 12-bar heated towel rack from Amba. Make sure that the lowest towel bars are far enough away from the ground – this will help reduce the risk of burns and ensure you can get the most use out of your large towel rack.

Mapping It Out: What to Do Before Mounting Your Heated Towel Rack

Before you start installing your rack, you need to make sure that your towel bars are secure and functional. Here’s what you’ll have to do first:

Measure Your Towel Rack

First, measure your heated towel rack’s width and length. This allows you to determine exactly where and how it will fit on your wall.

Account for Plumbing and Electrical Features

Consider any plumbing or electrical features on the wall where you’ll install the heated rack. Measure and account for things like light switches, outlets, and pipes, especially if you have a hardwired or hydronic heated towel rack.

Measure the Wall

Make sure the towel rack you have will fit well on the wall you’ve selected. For smaller towel racks, you can simply hold the appliance up to the wall to get a sense of how well it will fit.

Mark the Studs

Locate the studs in your wall and mark them clearly. Mounting your heated towel rack on these spots provides the most secure support.

Learn More About Installation Options for Your Heated Towel Rack

Enjoy Comfort and Luxury: Finding the Perfect Height for Your Heated Towel Rack

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to what the ideal towel rack height is. The best height depends on your bathroom layout, household members, and personal preferences for convenience and accessibility.

Ultimately, you should aim for a height that allows easy, comfortable access without excessive bending or reaching.

Once you find that just-right height, get ready to enjoy the luxury of fluffy, fresh towels every time you need one with your new heated towel rack!

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