How Does a Heated Towel Rack Work?

Who doesn’t want to dry off with a soft, warm towel after getting out of the shower or bath? This simple detail elevates the experience and gives you the feeling of luxury. And when you’re done drying off, simply put the towel back on the rack and it’ll be ready to use again. Not only is a heated towel rack used to warm and dry your towels, but it may also be used to dry your clothing.

What Is a Heated Towel Rack?

Heated towel racks come in many different shapes, sizes, and finishes. You can go with a classy, brushed aluminum or a modern white or black. Maybe you are looking for something to complement your decor. These racks can be subtle, or they also make great accent pieces.

There are two different types of heated towel racks, and you can go with an electric towel rack or a hydronic towel rack.

Electric Towel Racks

Electric towel racks are electric-based and typically use an outlet or hard-wiring. One of the main differences between the electric rack and the hydronic rack is the installation, and the electric one is a good route if you want something easy that you can just plug into the wall.

How Electric Heated Towel Racks Work

Heated towel racks are warmed by electricity. When you plug the rack into the outlet, it heats up.

Hydronic Towel Racks

Hydronic towel racks are water-based and connect to the house system. The installation for the hydronic rack is more complicated than the electric one, so you may need to have a specialist install the product for you.

How Hydronic Heated Towel Racks Work

This rack is installed permanently by having a plumber connect it straight to your house’s water heating system. The hot water heats the towel rack, which dries your towels.

The Advantages of Using Heated Towel Racks for Your Home or Business

There are many advantages to having a heated towel rack. Once you experience the luxury for yourself, you’ll never go back to using a traditional towel rack.

A minimalistic bathroom with a silver wall-mounted heated towel rack.

Warm Towels

A heated towel rack will gently warm your towels so you’ll always have a soft, dry towel at your disposal. They are not designed to make your towels warm, however, but the use of heat to dry them will offer a comfortable experience when you use them.

Dry Towels Quickly

Drying towels with the heated towel rack is easy and quick. All you need to do is put the towel on it! You can dry clothing with it, too. Whether it’s drying snow pants after a day skiing or a swimsuit after a pool party, you’ll save tons of time using a heated towel rack.

Prevents Mold and Mildew

The towel rack will also make your bathroom safer and cleaner. Drying the towels prevents mold and mildew from forming on your damp towels, which makes it a better environment for you and your family.

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What Can A Heated Towel Rack Do?



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