How to Fold a Beach Towel

When you fold your beach towel after it comes out of the washer, you probably put little thought into how you should be folding them. You can fold your beach towels in several ways to keep them organized for storage, travel, or display.

Folding Beach Towels: Why the Right Method Matters

Whether you’re looking to save some space on your shelves or hang your towels after your evening swim, specific folding methods can help you better organize and even dry your towels more quickly. 

Take Up Less Space

Understanding how to fold beach towels to save space allows you to add more items to your travel bags or dresser drawers. When traveling, roll folding your towel will reduce the size of your towel in your bag, allowing you to fit all your essentials without needing extra luggage.

Make Sure They Dry Well

When folding damp towels to hang on a drying rack for beach towels, you want to leave more surface area exposed to the air so that they can dry faster. Heated towel racks are also excellent as a beach towel rack as they can dry your entire towel more evenly and quickly. 

Keep Your Towels Tidy

Maintaining an organized storage area for your towels will help keep them tidy and clean for the next person to find. There are many cute ways to fold beach towels in a basket or on a shelf for display, as well. For example, roll-folding a towel and knotting it with a sprig of dried flowers in a basket can recreate a spa-like experience for your guests! 

The Best Way to Fold Beach Towels

A stack of three folded colorful beach towels sitting on a white railing outside.

You can fold beach towels in specific styles based on where the towel goes next. Regardless if it is going in a bag for a beach trip or displayed on a towel rack, these folding techniques will help you stay organized and keep your towels fresh: 

To Dry

The most common way to dry your beach towels is to hang them on a beach towel rack; however, thicker beach towels can take longer to dry when simply left to air dry. Heated towel racks speed up the drying process, gently warming your towels as they dry.

For Travel

When learning how to fold beach towels for travel, the main objective is to make them as narrow as possible to fit within backpacks and suitcases. Using methods such as rolling helps create a narrow shape to get towels to fit inside a bag with more space for other items.

You can watch this video to learn how to roll fold beach towels:

For Storage

When putting laundry away, you want to fold a dry beach towel small enough to fit neatly into baskets or tucked-away storage. Learning how to fold large beach towels in particular will help you store multiple towels in your preferred beach towel storage option.

For Display

A beach towel drying rack can display the patterns of your towels as they dry throughout the day. Match the colors of your towels with the paint colors and decor of your beach house to complement each other.

Everyone has different preferences, but if you’re looking for inspiration, there are many creative ideas for beach bathroom decor online. 

How to Wash Beach Towels

Beach towels require extra care to keep them clean and maintain their color and softness. Unlike bathroom towels, they are designed for outdoor use and can accumulate sand and dirt.

Shake Off Sand and Dirt

After a day of swimming or lying on your towel at the beach, there is a good chance your towel has become dirty. Shaking off any loose sand or dirt helps prevent damage to your washing machine over time.

Wash in Cold Water

When washing your beach towel, use cold water to reduce the chance of any leftover sand embedding into the towel’s fibers. Cold water also helps you keep the original bright colors of the towel while reducing the risk of shrinkage after every wash. 

Spot-Clean Stains

Stains on beach towels such as sunscreen, tanners, and oils should be pre-treated. To treat deep stains, soak towels in a mixture of water and oxygen-based remover for eight hours before washing. Other superficial stains, such as food, can be removed by letting the towel sit for 15 minutes with baking soda on the stain and then washing it with a stain remover. 

Hang to Dry

The best and most eco-friendly way to dry your towel is to hang dry your beach towels. Heated towel racks can dry your beach towels more quickly, as well. If you are in a pinch, you can tumble dry your towels on low, but check the towel’s tag for brand-specific washing instructions to ensure you don’t affect your towel’s quality.

Use a Heated Towel Rack to Keep Your Folded Beach Towels Fresh

As effective hang drying is for the quality of your towels, it can take a while to dry. Speeding up this process is possible with heated towel racks, as the warmth from the bars will dry your towels more quickly and keep them dry and fluffy for the next time you are ready to hit the beach!

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